Insta-Pool By Bespoke Swimming Pools

INSTA-POOL - INSTANT LUXURY - By Bespoke Swimming Pools

INSTA-POOL by Bespoke Swimming Pools is an innovative product. Here are some potential benefits and features of such a pre-manufactured swimming pool made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).


Quick Installation:
Since INSTA-POOL is pre-manufactured off-site, the installation time at the customer’s location is significantly reduced.

INSTA-POOL is known for its strength and resistance to wear and tear, making it a long-lasting option for swimming pools. Utilises Glass Reinforced Plastic for enhanced durability and longevity.

Customisable Design:
Despite being pre-fabricated, INSTA-POOL is available in various shapes and sizes, allowing for some level of customisation.

Smooth Finish:
INSTA-POOL has a smooth, non-porous finish that is comfortable and easy to clean.

Integrated Systems:
Likely to include built-in filtration, lighting, and heating systems as part of the pre-manufacturing process.

INSTA-POOL is pre-manufactured, reducing labor costs and potential on-site issues, making the overall cost potentially lower.

With reduced on-site construction, there is less environmental disruption, and the materials used can be more environmentally friendly.

Low Maintenance:
INSTA-POOL typically require less maintenance compared to traditional concrete pools. They are resistant to algae growth and staining.


GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic. It is also called fiberglass, composite plastic, or FRP. It is strong, extremely light, and is now a very popular choice for swimming pool construction for numerous reasons. Insta-Pool by Bespoke Swimming Pools explains why this preferred method of construction is both efficient for the installer and cost-effective for the customer.

There are huge advantages / USPs to choosing GRP over concrete

This is amplified for a commercial facility as opposed to a residential facility also due to required revenue and reduced/no downtime of product.

This is why you should choose GRP over concrete:

1. Cost:
GRP at approx. 20-30% less than a concrete equivalent.
Disruption / Programme. INSTA-POOL removes the 14 weeks (and some are 8-10 week builds, not 14) of off-site manufacture, providing a hugely reduced programme on-site.
2 a. Manufacture Off-site:
GRP is manufactured off-site whilst the groundwork, building works, and service preparations are being carried out.
On-site Installation - time is only 6 weeks!
Fill, Heat, Test, and Snagging (already fully water-tested and road-tested in our plant room before arrival).
This process will only take 2 weeks!


2 b. Concrete Build On-site 8 weeks
Concrete Curing 6 weeks
Water Test Shell (bucket testing) 3 weeks
Render 2 weeks
Render Curing 3 weeks
Tanking 1 week
Tank Curing 1 week
Tiling 4 weeks
Grout Curing 3 weeks
On-site Installation (during the above) 0 weeks!
Fill, Heat, Test, and Snagging: 2 weeks


3. No Delays:
14 weeks is a promised 14 weeks (and as above 14 weeks is sometimes 8-12). No delays due to sub-contractors or weather. All our staff are fully employed staff who have worked with the business for many years.
4. Access:
Preventative and future maintenance access to all fittings with design void access and sandwich, quick change fittings. Breaking out multiple fittings in concrete, render, tanking and tiling adds huge downtime to facilities.
5. Quality of Product:
Manufactured in strict quality-controlled conditions where every stage of manufacture is signed off for quality and/or testing.
6. Quality of Materials:
We do not use cement-based adhesives or grouts. Only high-grade epoxy provides quality aesthetics and longevity.
7. Warranty:
The same warranty for that of a concrete pool but with all the above added for cost, better access, and reduced or no downtime at all. As a commercial facility, why would you not choose GRP over concrete?


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